Mega888 online casino launched in 2021 with a mission to bring professionalism and reliability to online gambling. The company later changed its name to “Meltdown” due to financial problems. In 2021 the company underwent major changes and expansions that resulted in an altogether new online gaming experience. Mega888 now offers a wide range of casino games including high quality table games, flash games, video poker & blackjack games, roulette games etc. Online casino Megarax also has a VIP program and live streaming.

Casino games available on megarax: The slots portion of the site has a selection of the best-known slots games available in the market today. Slots are available in single and multi-player versions. Slots offer a great casino experience with a unique feel and custom made graphics. Moreover, most of the games available on mega888 original website are inspired by the world of casino arts.

Flash gambling: This is another exciting feature added to mega888 gaming. Flash gambling is ideal for those who have slow internet connections. This feature provides a realistic gaming experience by utilizing the multimedia technologies which can be used with mobile phones to offer an enhanced and richer experience while playing slots and other online casino gaming games.

Video Poker: While playing slots games, players may find it a challenging to read the symbols displayed on the cards. To overcome this problem, players can opt for text-to-speak feature which enables them to read the symbols without even reading the card. This feature is especially useful for those who have slow internet connections or are a little older. They can use this feature as a substitute for the help of a guide.

Video Poker: Video poker is another popular feature offered by mega888. This offers a live experience for its players and they are able to make their decisions based on the real time situations. This casino game is based on the same mechanism as slot games but with the addition of video graphics. Players may find this video game very interesting as it gives the feeling of being in a real casino.

Live Bingo: It is one of the most popular features offered by mega888. Players can opt for a number of casino games available to play at the online casino including video poker, slots, and instant bingo. These are offered free of cost by the casino and users may make their payments using any credit or debit card and may also visit the online casino for playing these games.

MegaBuckland: The main aim of megarax is to create a casino experience for its customers that is customized according to their preferences. To achieve this end, it has introduced various features into its slot games and online casino games like, fantasy slots, special tournaments, leader boards, multi-table payouts, free bonus and many more. It is one of the leading casinos in Malaysia. If you are new to the gambling, then it is better if you visit the site before playing any game at any of the online casinos.

In case of any doubt regarding the authenticity of the online casinos, you should always verify its registration status. You should also look into the privacy policy of the casino website before giving your login details. In case you feel that you are playing the game in a genuine way, then you should make your payments using your credit card or any other virtual means without revealing your real money inside the online casino.

Get Smart Mobile App: The company is also introducing a mobile friendly website which will allow its customers to enjoy their online casino games using their mobile devices. This is being launched as a part of the mega888’s efforts to attract more customers to its casino games and to increase the number of players simultaneously playing. You can access the casino games easily using your smart phone. This is being offered by the company through its app, which can be downloaded from the Google play app store.

Free iOs App – The company is also planning to launch a casino gaming application specifically designed for its iPhone users. To access this app, you will have to download it to your device. The free version of this application will be available for download starting from tomorrow.

Full Online Slots Available: The company is also introducing an enhanced version of its existing internet casino games, namely the slots. This version will be accessible through its Facebook application. If you are an avid fan of slots then you will love these new additions by megaCABS. It is estimated that this addition will boost the revenues of the company by a large margin. Moreover, the augmented slots feature will also provide players with a better experience when playing this game in comparison to its traditional version.

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